Marketing Conceptualization

Marketing concepts and strategies that convey the right messages and generate profits

Marketing beyond Borders

Marketing tools customized to international markets
with emphasis on Spanish-speaking markets

Peace of Mind

Solutions tailored to customer’s requirements
and scope of activities

Our Services

Creating marketing concepts

Creating marketing concepts

A process that starts with a needs analysis, taking into consideration the company’s positioning and goals, which results in a detailed work plan, including marketing objectives, value proposition, action items and marketing events and activities to different target audiences and budgets.

Marketing Communications Management

Marketing Communications Management

Tailored solutions based on the company’s marketing objective and the required scope: full or part time, temporary or per project, allowing customers to choose from a large variety of marketing activities and events, such as marketing content writing, event management, website creation and more.
Market development in Latin America

Market development in Latin America

Concepto’s extensive know-how and expertise, combined with our multi-cultural background, enable us to develop markets and marketing tools in Latin America’s countries. This knowledge also includes the business and financial conduct in the target countries, leading to effective and quick results.

Branding and Visual Communication

Branding and Visual Communication

Customized branding packages tailored to company’s size and the stage it is at, whether it is a start-up or a matured company that is interested in strengthening or refreshing its image. The main goal is to attribute the right values to the brand and strengthing its position and translating advantages into sales.

About us

Concepto was established in 2015 by Haim Levy, an international marketing expert with academic degrees in technological marketing and visual communication, and over 15 years of experience in building marketing brands and aids, which assist in opening markets for industrial markets. Concepto attaches the utmost importance to the quality of customer service in both, inclusive solutions to general marketing needs, as well as for specific solutions, given by a number of suppliers who partner with Concepto. The company is located at Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak and provides services to customers in southern, central and northern Israel.

Why Concepto?

We create the proper marketing concept, which conveys the right messages, minimizes objections and generates profits

We understand the importance of service, also under tight time constraints

We do speak marketing, we do speak Spanish


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